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The Ljubljana Dragon

The Dragon of Ljubljana

If you have ever taken a stroll around the beautiful city of Ljubljana, then you couldn’t have failed to notice the abundance of dragons. In particular, the famous Dragon Bridge. But if you’ve also wondered why there are so many, then here is the legend of how the Dragon became the symbol of Ljubljana:

Jason and the Argonauts

Many famous people have visited Ljubljana over the centuries, but the most famous of all, and the one attributed to its founding, is the ancient Greek mythological hero Jason. Leading his band of warriors, the Argonauts, Jason’s famed quest for the legendary Golden Fleece ultimately led him across the Black Sea, up the Danube, Sava and finally the Ljubljanica River. He got as far as a large lake near the source of the Ljubljanica, on the Ljubljana Marshes, when the waters became too shallow for their great ship. So they set about disassembling it for the remainder of its journey to the Adriatic Sea and onwards back to Greece. As they had arrived in the dead of winter, they setup a temporary village of wooden houses on stilts beside the lake.

However, Ljubljana’s protector was not about to make it easy for them; for the lake was the dwelling of a great dragon, which rose up out of the water and attacked the warriors. With the help of his lover, the sorceress Medea, Jason fought and defeated the fiery monster, and the dragon now sits atop the Ljubljana Castle on the city’s coat of arms, and in various locations around the city centre. See how many you can spot.

Places to Stay

If you are planning to stay in Ljubljana and looking for accommodation, then here is a list to choose from.

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