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Category: Wild Atlantic Way – great places to visit

A series of articles about great places to visit along the 2500km marked tourist route known as the Wild Atlantic Way, which runs from Derry in the north to Kinsale in the south.

Sunset over Knocknarea Mountain and Sligo Bay, Ireland. The small mound on top of this mountain is the burial mound of Queen Maeve, the famous Queen who instigated the Táin Bó Cuailgne (Cattle Raid of Cooley). She is buried under a cairn of 40,000 tons of rock, which is 6000 years old. Legend says she is buried standing upright, spear in hand and facing Ulster, her enemy.

Mysterious North West Ireland – Wild Atlantic Way Part 4

Leaving County Donegal, you enter the gorgeous undulating landscape of Sligo. This beautiful part of North West Ireland is packed with ancient mysteries, rugged coastline with soaring cliffs and shimmering mountains. Visit Knocknarea where the great Queen Maeve is buried according to legend, and marvel at some of the most prolific and oldest megalithic cemeteries in Ireland.

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