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My books

I have written and published several books over the years. Here you can see all of them.

A Practical Guide to Photography

Want to know how to take better photos? Well, first you need to master the basic techniques. Whether you are a complete beginner or an intermediate looking to improve your photography, this book is packed with photography techniques, tips and advice for beginners and intermediates.

Hot Footing Around the Emerald Isle

With just a backpack as a home, a guidebook in one hand, a bizarre travelogue in the other and very little money in his bank account, Ian leaves his home and sets off to the little country of Ireland that has always been his neighbour, yet overlooked by him for many years as he pursued dreams to travel to far and exotic countries.

DOwn MExico Way

Dusty pueblos adorned with adobe houses, each with a man sitting against a wall, a large sombrero tipped over his face, heavy snoring sounds emitting from underneath that hat, and barefoot Indian women and children walking through the dusty, cobbled streets. This was the first image that came to mind when I thought of Mexico. But was it really like that?

To the End of the World and Back

At the far southern tip of South America, surrounded by some of the world's roughest seas, lies the island of Tierra del Fuego. It's three days into the new Millennium, and I am about to set off on the journey of a lifetime to realise my dream of travelling to the end of the world and back. Join me as I travel as far south as possible and then up to the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca.

Mysterious World: Ireland

Mysterious World: Ireland represents the next generation of travel guides. More than just an uninspiring listing of names, numbers and dates, as are most travel guides, Mysterious World: Ireland takes you behind the scenes to help you to understand the history, and the mystery of the sacred isle. It's packed with places you can visit today and beautiful illustrations of the legends of the past.