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Affordable SEO Services

Improve your search engine visibility

Improve your search engine visibility with SEO

The most beautiful website in the world
is not much good if no one can find it.

Affordable SEO services in Andover, Hants

How do i get my website found on google?

If you already have a website but feel that it’s not getting found on Google or other search engines, it could be because no work has been done to optimize it for search engine visibility.

Improper or lack of meta titles & Descriptions

In many cases this is down to improper or lack of meta titles, descriptions and the proper keywords within the page content. I’ve even seen websites that were built by designers without any of this being done at all.

Internal links and page ads

Another thing that is often overlooked is internal linking. Search engines like Google look at how many internal links there are to a page to determine that page’s importance.

Additionally, from a visitor point of view, internal links help them navigate their way around your website more easily. Where possible, internal banner ads can also be used to inform and promote other pages and services. The more user-friendly your website is, the higher search engines will rank it.

Affordable SEO Services - Search engine optimisation by Ian Middleton

Website SEO analysis - How it works

I will analyze your website and do keyword research which will determine the best search words to connect potential customers with your website. Then I can either make the necessary changes or suggest changes to you.

No magic SEO bullet

There is no magic bullet to SEO, and while I expect you are familar with all those spam emails promising to get you on the first page of Google, it’s never always that simple and quick. However, there are many things that can be done to get your website seen where it is not being seen, increase your search engine visibility and improve the chances of climbing up the search engine rankings.

Good, relevant SEO that delivers results

I have worked with several clients who have seen a huge improvement in their traffic and custom.

Local Andover osteopath, Beth Lawrence, had a basic website but it wasn’t getting found when people searched for Osteopath in Andover. This was simply because her whole site and pages were not optimised for this search term. After completely rebuilding her website, doing extensive keyword research and re-writing all meta titles, descriptions and page content to more closely match what her potential clients would be searching for, she climbed to page 1 of Google for that search term after just a couple of months and her bookings and enquires increased.

Pro photographer, Melvin Nicholson, came to me looking to improve his website and increase the search engine visibility of his photography workshops. By building new landing pages for each of his workshops and optimizing them with the relevant and best search terms, and setting internal links and ads, he has seen his workshop pages shoot up the rankings, and even got up to page 1 for his Iceland photography tours, a very competitive term.

How much will it cost?

I offer affordable SEO services on an hourly rate basis. I will analyze your website and give you a no obligation estimate of how much it would cost. Many offer a fixed SEO package, but these I feel are unfair because it may be that your website is small and only needs, or you want, some basic SEO work which could be just a two-hour job. Or maybe you want a more in-depth overhaul of your website. It could even be that you want a whole new website design. When I design or redesign a website I build in the SEO from the ground up.


SEO website optimization
£ 25 per hour
  • Zoom consultation and price guide
  • SEO audit
  • Keyword research
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Content review
  • Internal links
  • Internal ads

Melvin Nicholson
Melvin NicholsonPro Photographer
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I can vouch for Ian's credentials as a website designer and SEO expert. He has transformed my website and thus my business as a result through his knowledge, commitment, and dedication in delivering excellent results. Many thanks for all your assistance Ian. Here's to working closely for years to come.
Beth Lawrence
Beth LawrenceOsteopath
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Ian helped me to design a new website for my osteopathy business. He listened to my requirements and even took the time to do his own research to understand my competition, how to best market my business and how to best utilise my content and link it to the best google search terms. His advice in regards to SEO has been invaluable, and I am left with a very professional, modern and user friendly site. I have already had lots of new enquiries through my website, the enquiry form has been invaluable and I am so pleased to finally have a blog to post content and really show case my business. Ian is extremely thorough, very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in tailoring a website to a business model. I couldn’t have done it without him, this has given me the best start to launching my business and I am extremely grateful. I would thoroughly recommend Ian.

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