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The Robba Fountain in Ljubljana

A unreal sight to see

In 18th century Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, the Italian sculptor Francesco Robba (1698-1757) was responsible for many of the fountains, altars and statues dotted around city and its churches. His most famous creation is the Robba Fountain, originally known as the Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers. Completed in 1751, the three river gods of the Sava, Krka and Ljubljanica are depicted pouring water from jugs into the fountain pool. The pool is in the shape of a three leaf clover and from it rises a 10-metre three sided obilisk.

Robba fountain was, and still is, an iconic feature of the Ljubljana old town. Sitting beside the town hall in Mestni Trg, often surrounded by students, locals or tourists filling their water bottles, you could be forgiven for marvelling at the pristine condition of a 17th century sculpture. But alas, the one you see today is not the original.

Due to years of erosion and wear, partly because of extremes of weather and also due to an earthquake, the robba fountain was eventually removed in 2006. The original underwent a huge restoration and is now in the National Gallery. A replica sits in its place beside the town hall in Mestni Trg.

I had the good fortune to visit Ljubljana in 2005 and photograph the original robba fountain while still in situ. These are the photos I took, followed by some of the replica:

The Original

The original Robba Fountain, originally known as the Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers, Ljubljana, Slovenia. This was taken before it was moved to the National Gallery of Slovenia.

The Replica

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