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The Story of Loftus Hall, the most haunted house in Ireland.

The Devil in Disguise

Loftus Hall, County Wexford, Republic of Ireland. Located near to the Hook Peninsula, this manor house is the location for a famous local legend about the devil visiting a lonely woman.
Loftus Hall, due to an old local story, has become known as the most haunted house in Ireland. The story goes like this:
Loftus Hall is located on the Hook Head Peninsula in County Wexford. Once, a young lady was living In Loftus Hall in 1765, and she longed for some romance in her life. The Hook Peninsula is a bleak and lonely place in the winter, and so life was dull for her. One stormy night a young man arrived on horseback. He claimed to be lost and had been guided here by the light from the Hook Lighthouse. He needed shelter for the night, and was welcomed in by the owners. Naturally,  the lonely Anne was delighted. They invited him to stay for some time. During the course of his stay he romanced the young and lonely Anne. Apparently he whiled away the long nights with a game of whist. (Must have been one hell of a charmer.)
It was during one of these games that Anne was to discover his terrible secret. As she bent down to recover some cards she had dropped, Anne saw that her companion had unmistakably cloven feet. Her screams echoed through the house and made the man aware that his secret was out. Immediately he turned into a ball of fire and exited through the roof. The hole left by his departure apparently resisted all attempts at repair.
There are many tales of his returning to haunt the residents of Loftus Hall, until he was finally exorcised by a local priest. Anne went insane and people say that her tortured ghost wanders the rooms of the hall to this very day.

Visit the haunted House

For the last ten years Loftus Hall has been open to the public and you can go on a guided tour, if you dare!

Covid19 – Due to the current coronavirus restrictions you can only go on a virtual tour of the mansion. For more information, visit their website:

How to get to Loftus Hall

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