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The Rough Guide to Slovenia – Book Review

Insightful and informative, Rough Guide to Slovenia is an essential part of anyone’s Slovenia travel kit!

As a seasoned traveller, having an accurate and useful travel guide is an essential part of my kit. I have grown tired of mainstream and established guides leaning more towards database listings of where to go and what to do. I want insight, to know about a place, its history, culture and the author’s personal views. I want to feel inspired to visit a place by the writing. So it’s refreshing to see that the Rough Guide to Slovenia still manages to maintain an acceptable balance between information and insight.

The author manages to maintain an easygoing style which almost makes you feel like he is actually talking to you. Whilst striving to provide accurate information he is also not afraid to give blatantly honest reviews of places and accommodation.

It’s for this kind of honesty that people buy a travel guide. If we just wanted a simple list of places to stay and go we would ask at the tourist office, or read the brochures. But independent travellers who want to plan their own itinerary want to know what the place is really like, so they can make an informed decision as to where to go and stay.

While boxed sections highlight special events or places of interest, the bulk of the information is neatly woven into sectioned paragraphs each written with a clarity and authority that is indicative of the author’s thorough research and in-depth knowledge of the country.

Extremely well written and packed with accurate and useful information, the Rough Guide to Slovenia is an essential aid to anyone planning a trip to this beautiful and diverse little country.

Reviewed by Ian Middleton: Travel Writer and photographer, and author of Mysterious World: Ireland.

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Author’s Bio:
Ian Middleton is a freelance travel writer and photographer from the UK. He is the author of three travel narrative books and one travel guide to ancient Ireland, Mysterious World: Ireland. Ian has also written for several magazines, including Mysterious World, backpacker Ireland, Walking World Ireland, Take your car UK and the Slovenia Times newspaper. Ian’s photography has been published in Mysterious World: Ireland, Lonely Planet, Living Abroad, Bradt Travel Guides and more.

*The author give permission for the contents of this review to be reproduced in whole or part as long as the party gives full credit to the reviewer, either using the tagline alone or, space permitting, the tagline with author’s bio.*

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