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Giants and a Dwarf in Bohinj

The Giants of Bohinj

The Bohinj valley is so big and vast that once there was room for giants to roam. And many thousands of years ago they did just that. In the region north of Lake Bohinj, where the Ribnica Stream has cut a valley between two big hills, there lived a family of giants who ruled the land around it. The two brothers stood on opposing hills, one on Studor Hill and the other on Rudnica Hill. Between them they shared one whetstone, using it to sharpen the massive scythes they used to cultivate their crops and keep the grass cut clean and smooth across the whole valley. Their sister stood astride the Ribnica Stream, one foot firmly planted on each hill as she scrubbed their dirty clothes in the fast flowing water with a washboard.

The dwarf (perkmandeljc)

Although the world above was the land of the giants, the underground was the domain of a tiny mischievous creature. Under the surface of Rudnica Hill the earth was rich in iron ore. Deep inside there lived a dwarf, known to everyone as Perkmandeljc. Now you might think that such a tiny creature was no threat to the giants, but in fact this little fellow proved to be quite the antagoniser. He was very protective of his ore, and if the giants dug too deep into his world, he retaliated by playing nasty tricks on them. Once he hid their whetstone in the river and for months the valley was overgrown because they couldn’t cut with blunt scythes. Try as they could, they were never able to catch him as he was so small he evaded them at every turn. The dwarf outlived the giants and some say he still dwells in the old mines below, continuing to tease and taunt the modern day miners who delve too deep into his world. Some believe that he also dwells in the nearby Rudno Polje. Or perhaps he has a brother too.


Brežice – Where the Mighty Rivers Converge

Lying in a valley at the far edge of Slovenia, Brežice is a veritable Garden of Eden, where fresh, healing water runs as free as the local wine; fascinating sights, wonderful home-cooked meals, and a world of adventure all await the intrepid explorer.

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