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6 Great Ski Resorts in Slovenia

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Go On the Piste in Slovenia

It’s never too early to start planning your winter holiday. While there are hundreds of ski resorts across Europe, many famous and popular ones located in the Swiss, French, Italian and Austrian Alps, there is a little country at the easternmost extremity of the Alps which is equally, and in some ways, more stunning: Slovenia

About the size of Wales, with a population of around 2 million, Slovenia is a small, cosy and charming country with incredible diversity. Wedged perfectly between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, there’s a constant battle between climates. In the heart of winter the northern alpine lakes can freeze over (although this only happens every so often), and in the early spring this area turns into a wonderland of blooming colourful flora, backed by glistening snow-capped mountains. It’s on these mountains where many of Slovenia’s popular ski resorts lie.

The beauty of such a small country and its location means that you can ski in the morning, and sip a beer by the sea in the afternoon. Here is a list of 6 great ski resorts to check out:

  1. Vogel – By far my favourite, but maybe not so for advanced skiers looking for more demanding runs. Vogel lies atop Vogel mountain, situated at the far end of Lake Bohinj, an immense glacial lake wedged into a dead end valley and surrounded by the Julian Alps. While this resort may lack more demanding runs, it makes up for it with glorious scenery. As you glide down the runs you are surrounded by a fairytale view of snow covered mountain peaks, including Mount Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia. Access is via a cable car which whisks you 1500 metres up to the mountain. While not for the faint-hearted, it’s a breathtaking ride and view down Lake Bohinj and the mountains.
    Distance from the capital Ljubljana – 1 hour by car
    Distance from the coast – 2 hours
  2. Krvavec – This is the closest resort from Ljubljana, and extremely popular with the locals. The runs here are more demanding, but it lacks the beautiful views that Vogel has.
    Distance from Ljubljana – 30 minutes by car
    Distance to the coast –  90 minutes by car
  3. Kobla – Just before you get to Lake Bohinj, you pass through a little village called Bohinjska Bistrica. On the hills behind lies Kobla Ski Resort. While this is situated on the hillside and not  on a mountain peak, it still commands some lovely views down into the Bohinj Valley.
  4. Kranjska Gora – By far the most famous and popular resort in the country. With 18 slopes a varying grades at altitudes from 800m to 1215m, there is something for everyone. You’ll also find many other slopes, along with cross country ski routes in the surrounding area. And if you are there from 23rd – 26th March, don’t miss the World Ski Jumping Cup 2017.
  5. Stari Vrh – On the slopes of the lovely Skofja Loka hills, just 35kms from Ljubljana, Stari Vrh not only has slopes from 580m to 1210m, but also offers night skiing.
  6. Kanin – Located on the border with Italy, Kanin is Slovenia’s highest ski resort. Lying at 2578m and stretching across into Italy, it also boasts the longest gondola lift in Slovenia. There is a total of 30kms of ski runs accommodating up to 15,000 skiers.
Winter view from Vogel Mountain as the cable car brings skiers up to the mountain, Slovenia. In the background you can see the snow covered Julian Alps and their highest mountain, Mount Triglav, covered in snow. The morning mist fills the valley.
Skiing at Vogel Mountain, Slovenia
Snowboard jumper at Vogel Mountain, Slovenia
Skier on Vogel ski resort in Slovenia.

This website and its articles contain links and adverts. The adverts and some links, but not all, are affiliate links. This means that if you click and buy something I will receive a small percentage of money, but at no extra cost to you. The price remains the same if you buy.

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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