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Advantages to learning with a Native English Speaker

English language lessons - learn English with a native English speaker

Conversational based learning:

Tired of the usual lessons focused on grammar exercises and rule learning?

In my lessons you will learn and practice grammar and vocabulary through conversation.

Through my questions I will guide and correct your language, making it more natural and native-like.

True comprehension comes through use of language, not by mastering rules.

Fluency is not about how much you know, but how much you use a language. (I only know my wife’s phone number in Slovene, not my native language, because I only ever hear it spoken by her telling others. To tell someone in English, I need to think harder and translate it!”

Common mistakes occur through repeatedly using the language incorrectly, therefore making the mistakes a habit.

I will break the bad habit by making the correct language a habit.

Learn English Online

Learn English over the Internet via Skype or Zoom. Distance learning has many benefits. Have lessons from anywhere.

Walk & Talk English

Spoken English lessons while walking in nature. Learn and practice your conversational English in a more natural setting.

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