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British English vs American English – Learn English Free

If you have ever wanted to know why some English words are different in British English vs American English, then comedian Michael Mcintyre gives possibly the best explanation. Watch the video then answer the questions here:

  1. What’s the American word for: Pavement?
  2. Why did they need to change the word?
  3. What’s the British word for: Eye Glasses?
  4. What do the English call “Waste paper basket”?
  5. What’s the American word for: Horse riding?

Or for a more serious look at why they are different, try this video:


Which do you prefer?

Magic Road in the Comeragh Mountains, County Waterford, Ireland.
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A Magic Road in the Comeragh Mountains

If I told you there was a section of road in Ireland where, if you park at the bottom of a small hill and release the brake, you will roll back up the hill, would you believe me? Well, when I first heard of such a thing I didn’t believe it either. This one was up north of Dundalk, and upon further investigation I found it to be true. So when I heard there was one down south, I just had to see it.

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